Making Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Offers part 2

In a previous post we introduced the concept of affiliate marketing and discussed how to go about choosing a web hosting affiliate offer to promote. Now we’re going to talk about how you can begin making money with the web hosting offer you have chosen. Web hosting affiliate offers typically pay anywhere from $50 to $200 per sale. With these payouts, you can quickly build up a livable income. With just 1 sale per day you can bring home at least $3,000 each month. With 10 sales per day you are suddenly looking at over $30,000/month. This is the explosive potential behind affiliate marketing and why many have turned it into a full time profession.

There are countless different ways to cash in on your web hosting affiliate offer. Some are extremely simple while others are more creative and might require a bit of technical expertise. If you don’t know where to start, try to begin with one of the ideas below.

Your Sphere of Influence

This is perhaps the oldest and most simple technique out there to drive sales and also happens to be one of the most effective. Everyone has a sphere of influence; a group of people whom they have the ability to effect change in their actions, beliefs, and choices. Going back to my previous post, the very first thing I suggested is working with a web host whom you trust. If you have done this then you should have no problem simply suggesting your host to the people within your sphere. If you own a website, there is a good chance you may know others who do as well. Reach out and let them know why it is you love your web host. There is no need for any deception here. It’s a good policy to be up front and honest about what it is you are promoting.

Provide Added Value

Another great way to drive sales to your web hosting offer is to add some extra value to it. Give people an additional reason to sign up with your host. You can think of this as adding an incentive. Ask yourself the following questions. Who needs web hosting, and why might they need it? The answers will help you brainstorm ways to provide additional value to your offer. To help get the creative juices flowing, you can review a few examples of others who have done just this.

John Chow operates one of the worlds most popular blogs regarding internet marketing and making money online. He offers a free wordpress installation service to his readers. The catch is, of course, that you have to sign up for a web host using his affiliate link. $100 to $150 in commission isn’t bad for what comes down to a few minutes of work required to set up a wordpress blog.

Another example is Pat Flynn who earned $41,850 in just one month from web hosting affiliate marketing. He has done this by continuously creating value for his readers by publishing a series of educational resources including websites, YouTube video tutorials, and podcasts. He has even published a breakdown of exactly how he has done this and where he has placed his affiliate links. Take a few minutes to read this report.

Create a Product or Website

One of the more common methods affiliates use to generate an income from these types of offers is by setting up web hosting review websites. I hesitate to mention this technique because most people do it quite deceptively. If you’ve ever searched for hosting reviews, you’ll likely have noticed dozens of websites featuring top ten lists as well as a series of endless fake reviews and ratings. You can take this idea and improve upon it. Again, the trick is to add value for the users experience.  By providing a genuine experience for your users you will see much better conversion rates, more sales; and ultimately, much more money in your pocket. The three examples below have done exactly that.

ServerBear is a great example of a website that uses the affiliate business model to earn an income, but does so in a genuine and honest way. ServerBear has a clear disclaimer about their business model and provides real value for the end user. They rank web hosting packages based off of a variety of benchmarks. This allows people who are searching for web hosting packages to make a much more informed decision about what it is they’re purchasing.

WhoIsHostingThis provides a unique tool for people to check who hosts a given website. It also has a web host comparison tool and publishes hosting reviews. They too have a clear disclaimer about how the website earns its income. To further verify its legitimacy, they explained their entire review publishing process.

Out of frustration with spammy hosting review websites, Kevin Ohashi created ReviewSignal. He collects data from Twitter using a technique called sentiment analysis. He then uses this data to compare different hosts in overall satisfaction, as well as a variety of other factors.


As you can see, the sky is the limit when it comes to affiliate marketing. We haven’t even touched on the variety of paid marketing techniques you can use, such as PPC, SEM, and display advertising. If you are determined, ambitious, and just a little lucky, you can scale this up to thousands of dollars of profit daily. At the very least, you can supplement your income and perhaps go on that family vacation you’ve been holding off on.


If you are looking for a top notch web hosting affiliate program — look no further! DotBlock offers an excellent package for its affiliates; emphasizing its industry leading affiliate assistance program. Managed by seasoned veterans of the affiliate marketing space, we will work one on one with you to maximize your full earnings potential.  Please click here for more information.

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Making Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Offers

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing in which a business, or merchant, pays you, the affiliate, for each conversion of a specified goal based on your own marketing efforts. These goals can vary; however, are typically the completion of a sale or a lead. An easy way to think of it is as an in-depth referral program.

Affiliate marketing can be one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. Forrester has estimated the affiliate marketing industry to grow to $4.5 billion by 2016. There are affiliate programs for just about any product or service you can think of. These can range from common weight loss programs to obscure new age hypnosis training courses.

Throughout the last few years, the web hosting affiliate marketing niche has grown immensely due to the massive amount of earnings you can accumulate as well as the global increasing demand for web hosting services. If you are looking for a way to capitalize on these opportunities and earn some extra income, a great place to start is with a web hosting offer.

So what exactly is it you should look for in a web hosting affiliate program? Just about every web host out there offers an affiliate program. This can often make it difficult to choose one. Below are a few of the factors you may want to consider.

Find a Host You Trust

This should be the easy part if you already have a website. If this is indeed the case and you have been happy with the services that have provided you, check with your host to see if they offer an affiliate program. The best companies to promote are the ones you are familiar with and stand behind.

If the above doesn’t apply, you’ll have to put a little more effort into this part of the process. Compile a list of different programs that interest you. Now go through your list and put them to the test. Go “undercover” and call in to see how their support can deal with your sales questions. The very best thing you can do is sign up and test the services yourself. Submit a support ticket to feel them out.

Check the Terms and Conditions

You’ll want to make sure you review the terms and conditions of any affiliate program you may decide to join. Buried within these documents you’ll find specific information such as payout terms, commission qualifications, and account termination policies.

Some things you should look out for:

  • Payment Threshold. How much money do you need to earn before you can request payment?
  • Referral Period. How long you must wait before a sale becomes valid. These policies are in place to protect the merchant from paying for invalid sales originating from refunds, charge-backs, and money back guarantees. The lower this period is, the better for you as an affiliate and the longer it is, the more safe it becomes for the merchant. A happy medium must be found here.
  • Tracking Cookie. This determines how long a visitor can leave the website and return, still crediting you with the sale. The longer this cookie lasts for, the more commissions you’ll be credited for.

Personal Service and Attention

When it comes down to it, affiliate programs are a dime a dozen. Every program out there is going to tell you they have the best payouts in the industry and offer you their amazing terms, but what really makes them different from the rest of the competition? An important component of any affiliate program is going to be the level of personal service and attention you receive from it’s affiliate managers. Your affiliate manager has access to key information which can greatly help your cause. They should know what type of traffic and demographics convert the best for their offer. They should be able to guide you through the process, saving you countless hours and dollars along the way. Take advantage of your affiliate manager. Ask them the difficult questions. If you seem to be receiving canned responses or notice a general lack of effort, then maybe that program isn’t right for you. In the end, a good relationship with your affiliate manager and merchant will help you earn much more money than a slightly higher payout offered by someone else.

In part  2 of Making Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Offers, we go over a few ways you can promote your offer and generate your first sales.


If you are looking for a top notch web hosting affiliate program — look no further! DotBlock offers an excellent package for its affiliates; emphasizing its industry leading affiliate assistance program. Managed by seasoned veterans of the affiliate marketing space, we will work one on one with you to maximize your full earnings potential.  Please click here for more information.

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Distributed VPS Beta!

At DotBlock we are always looking to push the boundaries of what we can offer our customers. It is in that vein that we are happy to announce that one of our newest services has entered the beta stage of production. We’re excited to introduce to you our new Distributed VPS service.

Nobody likes to wait for a webpage to load and web designers work tirelessly to cut down the load times of their websites. With our new Distributed VPS offering you can cut the load time of your website while reducing the impact that multiple simultaneous visitors can have on your VPS. By linking your content across our global distributed network we can determine the delivery server closest to your site’s visitors and serve up your content to them more quickly and efficiently.

To start using the Distributed VPS beta program simply log into your online account and click ‘Manage Servers’ at the top of the page. You will see a banner for the beta program with a link to the Distributed VPS section. Select the VPS you’d like to use and click the button labeled, ‘Enable CDN’. Your VPS will be activated with the beta program and you will be able to manage the domains you’d like to use with our global network.

The beta program is open to all of our customers. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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DotBlock is now on Google+!

After years of helping DotBlock customers and fans on Twitter and Facebook, we’re excited to join the community of Google+!

So, as a start, what would you like to see from us? Message, call, share or +1 away!

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If you haven’t already entered, you still have a chance!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All correctly completed entries will be entered into a prize draw which will take place within 14 days of the published closing date. Winners will be notified by email when drawn. Additional information may be requested at this time to check the validity of entries.

Good luck!

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Introducing the MicroBlock!

Introducing the MicroBlock! Test out your growing development platform for only $9.95 a month!

Processor 1.5 GHZ
SSD Storage 5 GB
Bandwidth Unmetered
Monthly Price $9.95


We hope that you are as excited about this new feature as we are!
Stay tuned, more new developments and features are coming in the very near future!

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GIVEAWAY: 6-Block VPS Hosting for 1 Year





Our giveaway offers a 6-block vps, for 12 months. All costs covered with our top tier technical support included!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

THE PRIZE: 1- Year 6-Block Subscription to: DotBlock VPS Hosting
Worth: 6-block is $239.70/month [x] 12 months = $2,876.40

Guaranteed CPU share & more when available
Web based console & VNC access
Choice of 32 & 64-bit platforms
KVM Virtualization Technology
RAID-10 SSD storage
Advanced management portal (demo)
Dedicated IP Address
Unmetered 100mbit Tier-1 Bandwidth


Simply complete any or all of the giveaway options and we’ll enter you in to the prize draw.


After you’ve entered the draw, we’ll give you a unique URL to share with friends. For each friend that enters the draw from your special link, you will receive an extra +1 entry into the giveaway. You can refer up to 10 people for an extra chance to win!

You are also able to use the, “Tweet about the Giveaway,” option once daily to increase your chances!

This competition is subject to our standard competition terms. By entering you are agreeing to be bound by those terms.
Closing date for entries is 12AM Thursday August 1, 2013

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One of Our Own Has Made the Cover of Good Housekeeping!

DotBlock is pleased to announce and congratulate our very own Administrative Assistant, Jessica Odegaard for appearing on the cover of Good Housekeeping for her amazing weight loss achievement!

Good Housekeeping - July 2013

Good Housekeeping – July 2013

In July 2012, Jessica’s sister asked her to be maid of honor at her wedding, and at that moment, she was determined to change her lifestyle. “I’m so fat, I’ll wreck her photos,” she thought. Since then, Jessica has lost a total of 82 pounds, and continues to maintain a healthy weight, through consistent exercise and following Weight Watchers. “Maintaining is a challenge, but exercising three times a week definitely helps. This is just the way I live, now.”

The majority of working Americans have desk jobs, like Jessica, that require little to no physical activity. It is still possible to successfully manage a healthy lifestyle without quitting your day job. Even as simple as packing your lunch, or planning how to implement healthy eating habits during the work day can make a stunning difference overtime.

“When I first started weight watchers I was a senior in college full time student with a 20 hr/week internship while also working at least 20 hours. So I was a crazy person, and now I’m in grad school so during the semesters it’s just as crazy now. Seriously, my lunch box is what got me through.” I asked Jessica what her plan of action each day was:

“It can vary from week to week but usually, I do 1 of 3 things:
1. I will make extra food from dinners over the weekend (like grilling chicken etc., zucchini lasagna, or black bean burgers)
2. Quick and easy lunch meat/deli sandwiches, or
3. Salads. And no matter what staple I have for lunch I always bring a Chobani Greek Yogurt with me and 2 different types of fruit. ”

It goes to show, you can achieve anything when you put your mind to it. Your goals are just around the corner.

Professional photos and information credit to Good Housekeeping.

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DotBlock Connect Winners – January 2013

DotBlock would like to congratulate our latest winners of our monthly DotBlock Connect contest!

Twitter: Jarrett Melvin
Facebook: Raymond Baastad

Congratulations to you both, we have credited your accounts with a free month of service!

Be sure to tag us in a comment, post, status or tweet to qualify yourself!  We pick a winner at random each month!!

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DotBlock Connect Winners – November 2012

DotBlock would like to congratulate our latest winners of our monthly DotBlock Connect contest!

Twitter: Scott Withers
Facebook: Nikolay Bokhonok

Congratulations to you both, we have credited your accounts with a free month of service!

Be sure to tag us in a comment, post, status or tweet to qualify yourself!  We pick a winner a random each and every month!!

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